Submitting Dissertation and Thesis for Publication

Any author can submit their original, dissertations and thesis to be considered for publication in IJORCS proceedings. Dissertations and thesis in the field of computer science, at the following levels are welcome for submission:

  • B.Tech, BSc,
  • M.Tech, MSc, MPhil,
  • PhD or DSc(ScD)

General Information

  • Authors must submit their final dissertations or thesis. Submissions can be done through our Thesis Submission Form.
  • Submitted dissertations or theses to IJORCS must already have been approved by a research committee or by the affiliated department.
  • Submission is open throughout the year. Authors can submit their dissertations or theses at any time convenient to them for possible publication in IJORCS proceedings.
  • Submission can also be sent to
  • Acceptance notification period will vary based on complexity of area and level of study (normally 2-4 weeks).
  • A single accepted dissertation / thesis, would be charged a publication fee of US$ 125.
  • Authors have full right to decide either to publish Full-Text or Summaries/Abstracts only of their respective dissertation or thesis.
  • All published dissertations and theses will be indexed in IJORCS regular indexing sites and publication will be online only.
  • Once published, a dissertation and thesis can be cited or referenced and will receive the same Journal's prestige as all other publications of the journal.
  • Authors will retain the complete copyright of their respective dissertations and thesis.