A Comparative Analysis of Sybil Attacks on VANET

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Rohika Bhatt, Parveen Thakur
Published Date:
December 05, 2015
Volume 5, Issue 2
7 - 17

vanet, sybil attacks, passve attacks, RSU, intrusion detection
Rohika Bhatt, Parveen Thakur, "A Comparative Analysis of Sybil Attacks on VANET ". International Journal of Research in Computer Science, 5 (2): pp. 7-17, December 2015. Other Formats


In this research work a sincere attempt is made to review the problem of attacks in VANET domain since, network security in VANETs is of immensely challenging. The distributed nature of VANET allows each of the vehicle nodes to function both as a host as well as router to remain connected with other nodes. As nodes very frequently move in and out of the range of each other, consequently network topology also changes frequently compromising the security of the network. And it is prone to lot security gaps. This paper discusses the type of attacks and their possible solutions for mitigating the attack in context of Sybil attack. An alternative method after systematic review of the proposed in this research work shows that anonymity factor can be increased and sequence mining can detect the Sybil attack with low computational overhead and low false rate.

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