Advancements in Question Answering Systems Towards Indic Languages

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Gursharan Singh Dhanjal, Sukhwinder Sharma
Published Date:
October 05, 2015
Volume 5, Issue 1
15 - 26

natural language processing, question answering system, open domain qa, information retrieval, review, nlp
Gursharan Singh Dhanjal, Sukhwinder Sharma, "Advancements in Question Answering Systems Towards Indic Languages". International Journal of Research in Computer Science, 5 (1): pp. 15-26, October 2015. Other Formats


Limited work has been reported for automated Question and Answering (Q&A) systems in vernacular languages like Punjabi. This was validated from this systematic study on Q&A systems. This work discusses the typical architecture and issues/challenges associated in building multiple types of Q&A systems. Future directions as well as a new metric for selection of most probable answers have been discussed based on the limitations of previous Q&A systems.

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