Real-Time Multiple License Plate Recognition System

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Babak Azad, Eslam Ahmadzade
Published Date:
March 05, 2014
Volume 4, Issue 2
11 - 17

multiple license plate recognition, real-time, color space, pattern recognition
Babak Azad, Eslam Ahmadzade, "Real-Time Multiple License Plate Recognition System". International Journal of Research in Computer Science, 4 (2): pp. 11-17, March 2014. doi:10.7815/ijorcs.42.2014.080 Other Formats


License plate recognition system is one of the core technologies in intelligent traffic control. In this paper, a new and tunable algorithm which can detect multiple license plates in high resolution applications is proposed. The algorithm aims at investigation into and identification of the novel Iranian and some European countries plate, characterized by both inclusion of blue area on it and its geometric shape. Obviously, the suggested algorithm contains suitable velocity due to not making use of heavy pre-processing operation such as image-improving filters, edge-detection operation and omission of noise at the beginning stages. So, the recommended method of ours is compatible with model-adaptation, i.e., the very blue section of the plate so that the present method indicated the fact that if several plates are included in the image, the method can successfully manage to detect it. We evaluated our method on the two Persian single vehicle license plate data set that we obtained 99.33, 99% correct recognition rate respectively. Further we tested our algorithm on the Persian multiple vehicle license plate data set and we achieved 98% accuracy rate. Also we obtained approximately 99% accuracy in character recognition stage.

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