CBD: Is It A Good Joint Pain Treatment?

CBD: Is It A Good Joint Pain Treatment?

CBD oil has been lauded for a wide array of potential treatments, especially when it comes to pain treatment. There is very good reason for this as CBD oil has shown tons of promise for a wide variety of pain treatments, but it can be a bit hard to separate all the study-based fact and findings from the marketing hype. There is a lot of information out there and you will want to work your way through reliable information to see if CBD might be just what the doctor ordered to take care of that joint pain you’ve long suffered from.

CBD & Arthritis Pain Relief

There have been limited studies on how CBD gives pain relief to arthritis and arthritis-based pain, but the studies that have been done so far are definitely encouraging. Focusing on osteoarthritis, one of the most common forms out there, CBD has been shown to have many positive healing effects that potentially could lead directly to some level of pain relief.

Studies were done in 2011, 2014, 2016, and 2017. These used CBD in different ways while attempting treatment for joint pain. The 2011 study showed CBD could reduce inflammation which in many cases could result in some degree of pain relief, especially since a lot of joint pain actually comes from inflammation. Other studies looked at CBD to determine it as a safe treatment. This has been shown as a potentially effective treatment in pure CBD form, as well as when combined with THC through the use of medicinal marijuana.

There’s no denying there are some serious potential pain killing benefits.

CBD for Chronic Pain Relief

Even though this isn’t tied directly to arthritis based pain, not all joint pain is necessarily from arthritis issues. That being said, CBD has also been tested as a response to frequent chronic pain. There are many tests showing that many patients reporting positive results even when other options have failed. This can be a big deal for people suffering from frequent joint pain that might be as much due to auto-immune or other issues as opposed to arthritis, or even a combination of the two.

The many positive tests showing CBD as a chronic pain reliever means that there is serious potential that some form of CBD would work to relieve joint pain. Whether it’s in taking care of inflammation, directly relieving pain, or a combination of both, CBD has a well-deserved reputation for being a strong tool when it comes to dealing with chronic pain.

Test Different Application Options

One of the biggest differences between various CBD applications is there are so many ways to take treatment. Smoking medical marijuana is one way, but other ways include CBD-infused creams that can be directly applied to the skin, CBD oils for vaporizers & aroma therapy, CBD mouth sprays, and oils for skin, as well. There are even digestible solutions and pills that can introduce CBD to the system separate from any medical marijuana use.

While CBD might not be right for everyone, it is a strong potential tool for helping to treat joint pain.

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